Stop Being Busy & Start Getting Shit Done!

You’re a busy creative who wants to be organized, finish what you start, and stop being distracted by all the little things in life.

It’s as simple as that.

But instead, you’re stuck inside the details, trying to figure out where you’re at with all the various projects you have going on, and fantasizing about the day when it all just magically comes together.


My Name Is Aisha Borel

As a personal Creativity Coach with over 12 years of experience under my belt I work with busy creatives like you who want to:

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by all the details
  • Get over their excuses and learn how to keep projects on track
  • Know exactly where to focus their attention to create the most impact
  • Say goodbye to unwanted procrastination
  • And feel good about all the work you’re getting done

Because when you finally breakthrough and break-free you’ll get more done, feel more creative, and spend more time focusing on what really matters.


“I believe that everyone has the power to breakthrough and break free from whatever holds them back.”

~ Aisha Borel


You Get Access to Unlimited Creativity

When you work with me you get access to everything I know about visual communication, marketing strategies, and effective tools, tips, and techniques to keep your creative projects on track.

As we work together I’ll encourage you to focus on doing the tasks that have the most impact, challenge how you spend your time, and give you as much “fuck the bullshit and let’s get this shit done” type of feedback you need so that you can finally finish all those half-started projects and feel great about what you’re creating.

By the time our work together is done you’ll be able to fully focus on the value that only you have to offer, touch more people’s lives with your knowledge, and be satisfied knowing that you have completely contributed your talents to the world.

If you want to jumpstart your creativity this very minute, then grab your copy of “10 Habits That Fuel Creativity” today!

Talk about unblocking creativity!

Aisha has unlocked areas of my creativity that went to sleep.

As a Coach and Mentor, I have been operating in a more traditional way. I decided that to change my whole business model and adapt a more online approach. I have been working way planning, preparing and reviewing and noticed that I just wasn’t implementing.

That’s where Aisha came in, she has allowed me to tap into my creativity in a different kind of way, she called it bringing my sexy out! Boy, she wasn’t wrong there.

I am not afraid of color, however, I have started to use color all over the place, as I change everything in my business, my approach, my branding, my offer, and more.

Aisha has allowed me to see things in such a creative way and reminded me just how creative I have been in the past and that I have not allowed this creativity to shine within my business.

I can tell there is so much more to come and with her as my Creativity Coach, I am feeling in my powerful place.

Debbie Brimble

Coach, Author, Speaker, Embrace Your True Brilliance

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