Why creativity is crucial to your business success as an entrepreneur.

Want to Have More Business Success? Then, Be More Creative.

As entrepreneurs, we’ve naturally become used to adapting to change. We know how to shift gears and go with the flow. We also know that for our business to succeed, it’s important that we reimagine, reinvent, and refocus ourselves to connect with the world around us continually.

Mind mapping allows us to make those connections.

As a Creativity Coach, one of my passions is teaching small business owners how to “Be More Creative.” Being more creative begins by thinking more creatively and by increasing our willingness experiment in an ever-changing marketplace.

So, how do we do it? Below are 3 ways in which you can infuse creativity into your business today:

Why Creativity Is Crucial to Your Business Success As An Entrepreneur

by Aisha Borel | FreeMindAcademy - BlogCast #002

1. Reframe the Problem

Creativity at its core is the ability to solve problems. As an entrepreneur, whatever business you’re in, ultimately you’re in the business of solving your clients’ problems. Whatever their problems might be — branding, marketing, strategy problems — it’s your job to solve them and solve them quickly. Reframing a problem will help you understand your clients needs more deeply. Many times clients come to us with an idea of how to solve their problem already formed in their head. Sometimes it’s a great solution and other times it isn’t. As hired professionals, we need to be able to challenge our (and often our clients) assumptions for how the problem “should be” solved. By challenging our assumption, we begin to unlock our imagination and open our minds to new possibilities.

2. Mind Map Multiple Solutions

Simply put, mind maps are visual diagrams that allow you to quickly and efficiently map out ideas, concepts, goals (or whatever you’re working on) more easily.

You start with a central idea in the middle of the page, and then everything radiates outward from there. One of the reasons I advocate using mind maps is because they allow you to creatively solve problems faster, identify solutions more quickly, and understand the structure of subject more deeply.

Unlike traditional bullet points and note-taking, mind maps don’t limit the way your brain naturally works.

So, when a client comes to me with ideas and solutions that are all over the place, while they talk, I mind map. Meaning, all the things they’re saying, as they’re saying it, I write out in the form of a mind map. This allows me to literally “see” what they are saying, understand their needs in the moment, and quickly offer real-time solutions that are on-point.

Pretty amazing right?

3. Think Inside the Box

Lol! I know, I know. Thinking inside the box sounds like the opposite of creative thinking, but it’s not. Let me explain.

Thinking “outside the box” just doesn’t cut it in today’s business landscape. It’s a cliche and, more times than not, coming up with “out of the box solutions” will negatively cost you the trust of your clients that you’ve worked hard to gain.

Why? Because clients feel like you don’t understand their business and business needs when you offer solutions that don’t relate to them at all.

The truth is, if you plan on staying relevant and continually growing your business, you HAVE to get excellent at thinking inside the box. You have to be able to see — to have the eyes to distinguish — the rocks that your clients discarded, for the jewels that they are.

How do you do that? By knowing how to reframe the problem and learning how to mind map solutions.